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Nordic Comdined Level 1-2 Coaches:

About Nordic Combined Level 1 & 2

Winter 2017-18, Level 1 Nordic Combined athletes need to be turning 10 years old in order to sign-up for the level 1 NC program.

This program is designed for young athletes who are new to ski jumping and cross country skiing and desire to have a well-rounded, fun Nordic experience. Young athletes will learn the basic skills for ski jumping starting on the K10, and K20 meter jumps at the Utah Olympic Park. They will also learn the fundamentals of cross country skiing in a fun and game play. Younger athletes, ages 7-10, will ski with the Kickers and Gliders program at White Pine Touring Center on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. Skiers, ages 10-12, will ski with the XC Devo team or XC Devo Prep team on Mondays and/or Wednesdays, in various locations around town. Skiers may also have an opportunity to explore the terrain park, mogul run, and skier boarder cross run to build basic skiing skills. Athletes will participate in one day of cross country and one day of jumping. For the third day athletes may choose to add a second day of cross country or ski jumping upon program manager’s approval. We will make sure each athlete is comfortable and competent on the smallest ski jump first before allowing jumps on the larger hills.

*Skiers must have ski skills including ability to carry their own equipment, to put skis on and off on own, tie their own boots, ski parallel, turn, and stop. All athletes new to the sport will start on their own alpine equipment including helmet and no poles(Winter).Once the athlete is comfortable and understands the basics of ski jumping, the staff will offer the use of Nordic gear and will notify the parents.

*The PCNSC does offer Nordic equipment for rent upon a first come first serve basis. This equipment will be available up to the 1st year of Level 2 programming. The inventory of the PCNSC is used and comes as is. If you are interested in using the equipment provided by the PCNSC, please let the program manager for your program know your athlete’s height and shoe size for Nordic gear.


Nordic Combined Level 1
(Registration form here)


Program Fee: $815

Program fee includes: Use of cross-country ski equipment during Kickers and Gliders sessions. For XC Devo or XC Devo Prep skiers will need their own skate and classic equipment. Season rentals are available for purchase. XC training jacket included. Nordic ski jumping gear available for rent ($50) in addition to the program fee.

Day(s) of the week: Ski Jumping - Friday (add Wednesday if choosing jumping for second day)

Cross Country Skiing - Depends on age. 7-10 (Tuesday and/or Thursday), 10-12 (Monday and/or Wednesday)           

First day of program: Ski Jumping Wednesday, December 6th

Cross Country: Tuesday, December 12 (Indoor Day at UOP for Tuesday and Thursday skiers and parents!)

Last day of program: Ski Jumping Friday, March 9th

Cross Country Depends on program you joined for XC

Practice time: Arrive no more than 30 mins in advance

Ski Jumping: Friday and/or  Wednesday  4:30p – 7:00p

Cross Country: Tuesday and/or Thursday  4:30p – 5:30p (Kickers and Gliders)

Monday and/or Wednesday 4:00-5:30 (XC Devo/ XC Devo Prep)

Drop off location: UOP Clubhouse or White Touring

Pick up location: UOP Clubhouse

Required equipment: Must have own alpine ski equipment and helmet.  Ski jumping equipment available ($50) for rent on request (Coaches determine when the athlete is ready for Nordic gear). Cross country equipment available for use during practice for Kickers and Gliders. XC Devo/Devo Prep must have skate and classic equipment. XC season rentals available for purchase.

Nordic Combined Level 2
(Registration form here)

Program Fee: $1155

Program fee includes: White Pine Season Pass, uniform and xc season rentals available for purchase

Day(s) of the week: Cross Country – Monday, Thursday; Ski Jumping – Tuesday, Friday,                               

First day of program: Cross Country: Depends on what XC program your son or daughter is recommended to do

Ski Jumping: Tuesday, December 5th (may start with dryland)

Last day of program: Cross Country: Depends on what XC program your son or daughter is recommended for

Ski Jumping: Friday, March 9th

Practice time: Arrive no more than 30 mins in advance

Ski Jumping: Tuesday, Friday 4:30p – 7:00p

Cross Country: Monday, Thursday 4:00p – 5:30p

Drop off location: UOP Quinney Welcome Center

Pick up location: UOP Silver Bean Cafe

Required equipment: Ski Jumping available for rent ($50) and cross country equipment included in program fee.

Competition expectation: Optional competitions through local and regional events for ski jumping and Wasatch Citizen Series

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Recent Small Hills Nordic Combined - Levels 1 & 2 News

XC Mid-Summer Update

By PCNSC 07/18/2017, 11:45am MDT

All of our teams have been training hard and having fun this summer! What have we been up to? Take a look!

Exciting Club Update!

By PCNSC 06/06/2017, 11:45am MDT

Park City Ski and Snowboard Club

Dear Parent,

As you know, your child’s learning experience and training opportunities are our top priority. We are always striving to provide the best resources, coaches, facilities and programs to put our young athletes on the path to success.

I am excited to announce that five local youth ski clubs, including Park City Nordic Ski Club, intend to combine into one unified club named the Park City Ski & Snowboard Club (PCSSC) to better serve Park City’s aspiring athletes. PCSSC will include Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Nordic Skiing and Jumping, and Snowboarding programs.  

In an effort to streamline and facilitate innovative programming for winter youth athletes and families in the Park City region, a volunteer Integration Team, comprised of representatives from all clubs involved in the integration project, have committed to integrate existing ski and snowboard clubs. Benefits would include:

Community: A single club gives athletes the opportunity to sample multiple winter sports as part of the PCSSC multi-sport community.

Facility Utilization: Overseeing programming for more than 1,000 athletes, PCSSC’s increased population leverages access to critical development resources, venues and training facilities.

Professional Management: The one-club structure eliminates redundant operational areas and streamlines sport management and administration.

Clarity: PCSSC provides a seamless multi-sport experience for athletes and their families that focuses on a progressive athletic and social development model.

For Our Youth: PCSSC creates a positive environment for youth to celebrate camaraderie amongst all winter sports within one club.

After an extensive vetting process and numerous rounds of interviews with the PCSSC Integration Team and executive staff of the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation, Jesse Hunt was selected to serve as PCSSC’s Interim Executive Director. Hunt has led the Park City Ski Team since 2009 and would oversee the new organization through its initial formation. Ski team representatives and community partners involved in the decision have a vested interest in the potential future of PCSSC and its athletes and are confident Hunt is the best fit amongst the pool of talented candidates considered to direct the possible launch.  

PCSSC will exist under the umbrella of the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation (UOLF) but will operate as a separate LLC. The PCSSC Integration Team will appoint a Local Board to guide staff in overseeing and evolving the integrated Club. The Board will include up to thirteen (13) members according to the following appointments: Alpine: Summit Ski Team and Park City Ski Team (2), Freestyle: Team Park City United and Fly Freestyle (2), Nordic: Park City Nordic (1), Snowboard: Team Park City United Snowboard (1), UOLF (2), YSA (1), Park City Mountain (1), Deer Valley Resort (1) and At Large (2). The Executive Director will oversee four Board-appointed Division Directors – Alpine, Freestyle, Nordic, Snowboard – who will create their respective program’s staffing models with feedback from the Board.

With the support of Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation President & CEO Colin Hilton, Youth Sports Alliance Executive Director Aimee Preston, Deer Valley Resort General Manager Bob Wheaton, and Park City Mountain General Manager Bill Rock, know that the Park City community is dedicated to PCSSC and the successful futures of our young Park City athletes.


An Open House has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 at 7 p.m. at the Utah Olympic Park.


For more information on PCSSC please visit We will continue to provide more information in the coming weeks.

One Way Spring Sale

By One Way 05/25/2017, 12:15pm MDT

Don't miss it! Clothing and poles at least 50% off

ONE WAY Sport Spring 2017 SAMPLE SALE


What:  ONE WAY Sport USA’s Sample & Open Box Sale

Where:  Jeremy Ranch Golf & CC – Ground level Banquet Room

When:  Friday, June 2, 2017 – 4-8pm


ONE WAY Sport will be holding a warehouse and sample sale in the Banquet Room with hundreds of great items for sale.  Get geared up for the Spring and Summer weather with amazing prices on lots of ONE WAY product!


The warehouse sale includes new wicking performance t-shirts and shorts, Katusha cycling kits, and “open box” items that were removed from packaging which include performance long sleeves, warm up jackets and pants.  Discount is at least 50%!


Sample items for sale:

Running shirts and shorts, tank tops, cycling tops and bottoms, jackets, pants, vest, parkas, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, tights, ski poles….and more!  Discount is at least 60%!


Price examples:

Performance T-shirts $20                    Performance shorts $25

Cycling Kit – (Top & Bottom) $80     Cotton T-Shirts - $5

Polos/Dress Shirts - $15                       Cotton Sweatshirts - $10

Parkas - $100                                            Jackets – $50

Vests - $30                                                  Shorts - $10

Sample ski poles - $20/pair


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